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april 13, 1999

I've been writing sonnets lately. Well, these two at least. This one I wrote last night...


sitting on back steps, the cordless phone lies
between ear and sunburn-fevered shoulder.

nine pm june, sun setting, and fire flies
prick gauzy dark as breezes grow colder,

and i wrap myself tighter in your voice.

inside, it's bright, and the right temperature,
but it's night-summer,

      my hair shower-moist,
and i feel more alone with you out here.

so talk fruitsandvegetables with me, and
we'll melt religion on our tongues and tell
cat tales...

      i'll be imagining your hands
in my hair,
dusk-dreaming your rainsweet smell...

trying to tell by how you

      say my name
whether your
thought-wanderings are the same.

I'm not sure it's finished, but it's been fun to play around with.

I've been thinking a lot about crushes lately... last night my "asian sex" class had a chatroom, which was cool in itself... we were all anonymous, and we talked about crushes some, and what they say about you. It's been a great class for me in so many ways... now if I can only get my act together and write that final paper.

So, here's the sonnet I wrote a couple days ago. It's decidedly less cool and more silly than "dusk-dreaming," but I think it's alright, in a kind of Shel-Silverstein-ish way...


So. Iambic pentameter fits the
rhythms of my natural speech, you say.
Then maybe everything I say is a
sonnet... God... I must speak hundreds each day.
And okay, if you're strict about those rhymes,
maybe my ramblings aren't quite Shakespeare... yet.
But just let me practice, and in no time,
I'll be the world's most prolific poet.
My ex-lovers will run to the tabloids,
to publish my poetic confessions...
And next to headlines about asteroids,
private poems, breathed during make-out sessions,
will span the front page. Hm. On second thought,
this whole poetry thing... I'd better not.

I've been trying to do more writing lately. Putting my story, Tee Shirts up yesterday made me remember what it's like to create something out of words, build something you're kinda proud of. Plus, I was really excited about the pull-quotes and stuff I put in. I love web publishing. (said with a sincere grin)

I'm also in the process of making my autobio, my so-called life, more than just a paragraph. But... I haven't really had time yet. That's my next big project though, so come back and look at it later if you're interested in the tv show that is my life. (And, for those who may be disappointed when they realize that my "my so-called life" page is about me, not about Angela, I've got one about her too. It's just some random quotes and ramblings from me when I watch the show again and love it again.)

So, for now, I'm still sick. Some mystery disease... but my wonderful roommates are taking care of me. And, you know, it gives me time to read good books like _The Woman Warrior_ and work on my webpage.


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