nikki schumann is an amazing artist. you'll see her works scattered around my pages in various places. most of the images i took from her page,

her art is special to me not only because it's simple and beautiful, but because i grew up with it. nikki and her husband tony have been friends with my family for years. they live in east boothbay, or at least they did until a few years ago, and we'd always visit in the summers for dinners or whatever.

hanging on the wall by my bed is a drawing/painting nikki made for me when i was two years old. it's an arial scene of a park, with a winding path in the shape of an S. i cherish it.

nikki makes poster calendars every year. we always have one hanging on our wall at home. years later, we hang our favorites as decoration. so do my aunts and uncles and grandparents... go visit her site to see more of her art!






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