January, 2005
This is a Public Service Announcement and an f.y.i. to interested parties:
sarah kowalski has a new website.
go check it out over at excitingconfessions.com.
now back to your regularly scheduled archives:


on february 11, there were crocuses.

on february 8, i wrote again.

february 6, 2002
(yes, it's been more than a year.)

january 3, 2001 . . . if you ever knew me - or if you didn't - go read this.

january 4, 2001 . . . what is this? two days in a row? (don't worry. it won't last.)

october 20, 2000 . . . it's been a while since i've updated much of anything on my webpage. other things in my life have taken priority. my thesis, my writing, my friends and family. not that i made the webpage at the expense of these things, but, after all, it always comes down to there not being quite enough hours in the day. feel free to enter, though, and explore the archives of me...

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