News and Updates

Cygnet v2 Launched

We are pleased to FINALLY announce the OFFICIAL RELEASE of The Cygnet, version 2.0! Cygnet is one of our longest-running services and we are happy to be delivering its biggest overhaul since its inception. The biggest improvements are a brand-new UI and the ability to sign in and make changes to your account without emailing us! Also new are the pronouns field, higher-res images, and the Filters box.

Linuxbrew Fixed on Robin

robin and its predecssors have had Linuxbrew, the Linux version of the popular Mac package manager brew, set up for manu years. This is a powerful tool because it allows non-admin users to install packages themselves. Recently we discovered an issue where packages could not be updated or installed in some contexts but we are happy to report it should be fixed now. For documentation, see the Homebrew site.

Server Access from Web

SCCS hosts a public, high-resource, student-administrated server VM for the Swarthmore community to use. The current VM, robin, runs Fedora Server and can be accessed via SSH at However, we have also recently opened Web access via Cockpit, allowing users to use a terminal and view stats without needing an SSH client. Head to the site to try it out!

Course Planner Updated for Fall '24

The SCCS Course Planner has been updated for Fall 2024 courses! Get started planning your next Swat semester with a modern tool that's mobile friendly and doesn't require a VPN. Remember to Ctrl+Shift+R to make sure you're on the latest version.

Using the SCCS LanCache

SCCS has deployed an instance of LanCache, a service that replaces your default DNS servers to redirect game downloads through a faster local server. This allows us to cache terabytes of popular games to provide a much faster download experience. Take advantage of this by setting your default DNS server to

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SSH Keydrop Added

SCCS has long provided a public SSH server for its users, and with our latest server upgrade this has become a lot more powerful. To better enable the Swat community to log into our public server ( robin ), we have introduced SSH pubkey management in your account settings here on our site!

SCCS Spaces Updates

The SCCS Game Pit is open! Use your OneCard between 7AM and 10PM every day to access the space in Clothier basement. We have a projector and Nintendo Switch hardware, with more available to borrow by request.

Swat Dining Browser Extension Update v3.1.1

The SCCS Dining Browser Extension now includes the ability to turn on and off dietary tags. No more cluttered and confusing Dash menus!

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Course Planner Patch Notes (1.4.4)

The SCCS Course Planner has received a number of updates from last spring through this summer to make your experience better!

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Course Planner Updated

The SCCS Course Planner has been updated for Fall 2023 (and to parse the new TriCo Course Guide layout)! As always, you can plan your classes, export for calendar services, and share with friends. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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