Swarthmore College Computer Society

Digital services by and for Swarthmore students

Welcome! We're a collective of student volunteers who maintain digital services for the students, staff, and alumni of Swarthmore College. We offer club mailing lists, a campus directory, a daily digest, and much more. Most services require an SCCS account, available to anyone with an @swarthmore.edu email address.

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Looking for GUTS? Here lies its replacement, SAUCE (SCCS Account and User Control Engine). SAUCE continues our tradition of replacing our dashboard system every decade.

News and Updates

Using the SCCS LanCache

SCCS has deployed an instance of LanCache, a service that replaces your default DNS servers to redirect game downloads through a faster local server. This allows us to cache terabytes of popular games to provide a much faster download experience. Take advantage of this by setting your default DNS server to

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SSH Keydrop Added

SCCS has long provided a public SSH server for its users, and with our latest server upgrade this has become a lot more powerful. To better enable the Swat community to log into our public server ( robin ), we have introduced SSH pubkey management in your account settings here on our site!

SCCS Spaces Updates

The SCCS Game Pit is open! Use your OneCard between 7AM and 10PM every day to access the space in Clothier basement. We have a projector and Nintendo Switch hardware, with more available to borrow by request.

Swat Dining Browser Extension Update v3.1.1

The SCCS Dining Browser Extension now includes the ability to turn on and off dietary tags. No more cluttered and confusing Dash menus!

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