Swarthmore Dining Browser Extension Patch Notes 3.1.1

The SCCS Dining Browser Extension now includes the ability to turn on and off dietary tags. No more cluttered and confusing Dash menus! Below are a few of the changes that are have been implemented.

  • An "Edit tags" menu was implemented, accessible at the bottom of the popup. This allows you to turn on tags that matter to you and turn off tags that you don't want to see!
  • Kohlberg's Coffee Bar was renamed to "Brandy's Bar," in loving memory of Brandy, the ITS dog who was a micro celebrity at Kohlberg.
  • Some secrets...?

Along with these new features, you can enjoy the following features:

  • A UI that has been redesigned three times
  • Menus that automatically open based on the current meal of the day
  • Access to Essie Mae's and Brandy's Bar (Kohlberg) menus
  • The ability to turn off dietary tags entirely
  • Open hours of each dining option
  • Separated menus for each section
  • Un-punned titles for a less cheesy experience than the Dash
  • Sorted menus, with proteins and main dishes prioritized to the front of the list
  • A bug report/suggestions option, found at the bottom of the UI
  • A quick link to the Dash if more information is needed

We're constantly thinking of new ideas and would love any suggestions and/or feedback! Contact us at staff@sccs.swarthmore.edu with your ideas!

We're currently expecting these features in the next few updates:

  • A newly designed preferences/settings menu that will include tag options, light/dark mode, and tag visibility to clean up the experience
  • The ability to turn on and off menus (Ex: "I turn off the Main menus because I only pay attention to the Vegan menu...")
  • Weather information collected locally from the top of Singer Hall...!?