Happy Birthday to my dad!

John turns 56 years old on September 19th, 1996, but he has one of the most youthful hearts of anyone I know. He's full of energy and a passion for the good things in life, which has always been inspiring to me.

To celebrate John's birthday, let's all do these things:

  1. visit the amazing page he made for Tacos Jalisco
  2. send him a photo & letter to add to the witty testimonials
  3. check out mi padre page
  4. go see the house that John has lived in for the last couple decades
  5. and e-mail him a happy birthday wish at: seligman@mind.net

Have a great day, John! I'll be thinking of you (as I recover from this semester's first all-nighter), and I wish I could be there in Ashland with you to celebrate.

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