Dreams: September 8

Phoebe's fashion consultant

I'm sitting with Mom and Phoebe in a warm/peachy-lit room that looks like a hotel room. We're sitting on a bed, and there's a young man (early 20s) with a blond ponytail sitting on the floor next to us. Clothing is spread out all over the place, across the bed and floor. The guy is going through various outfits with Phoebe. He's a fashion consultant. He holds up a satin lilac-colored bra with a distinct criss-cross center between the cups. He then holds up a matching lacy crocheted vest, and I also see a pair of slim matching pants with small pom-pom balls on the ankles.
"You can put bumps on all your lumps!" the guy says to Phoebe. I understand that this means that her breasts (the "lumps") will have the little crochet nubs over them in the vest, plus her ankle bones will have the pants' pom-pom balls. It's a style thing. We look at some more clothes. Phoebe is excited.

Mr. E's joint

NEXT, I'm in the front yard of John's house on Third Street. Mr. Elliseuson lives next door. He's now sitting on the steps of John's house. John and some others are out in the yard. There's a little shack/shop structure between the two houses (filled with cigarettes?). "Joint?" says John to Elliseuson. I know they're going to go smoke up together.
Then I'm telling all this to Noli and Melina. It sounds like quite a story. Melina has a job as a sort of nurse. During the days she pushes Mr. Elliseuson around in a wheelchair.

at nursery school with my cousins

NEXT, I'm with Aunt Lori and my cousins, Alexander & Madison. We're talking about birthdays, and I ask Lori how far apart Alex and Madison are in age. Two years and two days, she tells me. I look at them and see they're very young -- babies still. They are very cute. Django is here. He's a babysitter or something, always working with kids. He likes Alex & Madison a lot and is going to take care of them.
We're right outside of a nursery school classroom. For some reason it's my responsibility to sign Madison out of class today. I'm trying to get the hang of the sign-out system. Lori is directing me. I feel stupid because I can't get it. I have a pen in my hand and am supposed to write Maddy's name up on the cork bulletin board. I write her name as "Victoria East," which turns out to be okay.
Then Mom's with us. We're buying a little seat with wheels (like an infant's roller seat thing). It has dark-orange upholstery and a vibrating bottom. It also fills up with water. I'm talking to Django. We're standing face to face. He has a piece of masking tape across his chest. I'm writing his name on it for him. But I screw up because I write it too big. The "D" and "J" are huge, covering the front part of his shirt.


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