Dreams: September 11

my subconscious racism

I'm standing on the corner of "B" St. and 3rd St. in front of Veronica's place. I have a cellular phone in my hand. It rings.
"What's your address?" asks a gruff voice. I look up at the street signs, which say "3rd & 1st." I tell this to the person on the phone. Then I ask why he wants to know, and he says "we're going to do some work." I hang up quickly, realizing I shouldn't have told him my address. John is there, agreeing that I shouldn't have told them. I tell John that it was two black men on the other end. I'm scared that they'll come do something to the house.
I go down to John's house because I need to pack up my stuff. I'm in my room (which looks much different), stuffing everything into bags. I'm worried that the house will get burnt down, so I try to get everything that's important to me. I look for pooh bear.

Ko's house & Geppetto's restaurant

NEXT, I'm in Ko's front yard. He's not there, but I'm talking to his mom. There's some problem about a car. John's truck is there. I'm with Mom and her car. I'm going to drive separately to meet her somewhere. Ko's mom has driven the truck out of the driveway onto the street for me. I say "thank you Mrs. Noriko" to her. Then I realize that her name is actually Mrs. Kuwabara. I get in the truck and drive.
I end up at Geppetto's (an Ashland restaurant), parking on 2nd St., around the corner. It's night. I leave the key in the truck. When I walk into Geppetto's I see John. I tell him that I left the key in the truck, and he says it's okay. Yet I'm worried about it and can't stop thinking about it. Geppetto's is now actually the co-op, with a deli case where the counter used to be. There's one table at the windows in front, and I see Mom, Phoebe, Toni Dileo and Django sitting there. I'm trying to decide what to eat as I stand by the glass deli case. I get a little tart/pie (not sweet) to munch as I look at my other options. I see lots of lettuce and cheeses. I ask the woman behind the counter what cheeses she has. "Gundamere," she tells me, which sounds exotic. She also mentions Romano and some other types. I order a big salad.
Then I sit down at the table. Django is now Eli. He and Mom are having a conversation. She says something about how she's lived here in Ashland for a long time but still has some Southern Californian socializations in her. I think about the flirtatious energy exchange happening between Mom & Eli.

a young mother

NEXT, I'm in a room with a young woman with dark hair who's folding clothes. I'm listening to a narrator tell me about this girl. They say that Ko told someone that she is the mother of a yound kid but likes to party hard. This statement paints a bad image of her, and I'm mad that Ko would say this. I feel defensive for her. It dawns on me that she's a lesbian. I look at a doorway across the room and see the image of Ko's face (BIG, filling the whole doorway) floating like a ghost.

P.E. in a gym

NEXT,Im in a gym, running around with a bunch of others. We are racing against the clock, trying to get into the colorful boundaries painted on the floor. It's like an elementary school PE game. I'm then holding a wet CD, trying to dry it off.


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