Dreams: September 7

gorilla haircutter

I'm sitting down, and an ape is standing behind me, playing with my hair. Mom is with us. Somehow she has arranged for the ape to be here. Suddenly I notice large chunks of hair falling on the ground around me. The gorilla has a pair of scissors and is cutting my hair! I'm angry because I didn't want this to happen. I like my hair long, and I'll now have to get it evened out short. I'm a little mad at Mom for not telling me that this would happen.

famous Hallmark designers & a comfortable couch

NEXT, I'm in a big dark living room. There's a TV against the wall, and I'm listening to it some news story describing how Tom Cruise is pursuing another career field: designing Hallmark greeting cards. I find this funny. Miles is here with me. I remember how he and I once heard about another male movie star who also decided to design greeting cards. I tell Miles about Tom Cruise and we laugh.
There's a big couch. Phoebe is stretched out on it. She's spooning with M.. I lay down with my head at their feet, my back against the back of the couch. I ask Miles to lay down too, so he joins me. We spoon, his back to my front. My arm is wrapped around him, and I hold him close to me. It feels good, like an old comfortable friendship. We laugh with Phoebe and M. as we all comfortably squish together and try to find the best places for our feet. I like the security of having two stable things supporting me (Miles in front and the couch cushions in back).


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