Dreams: October 31

a house of poetry

Someone is planning the construction of a new house. They're gathering many writers and poets because they want each room to have poetry on the walls. I suddenly see an image of a big airy room with colorful walls; poetry is written across the walls & ceiling in big dripping white letters. Each poet gets their own room to do whatever they want in it.

the art & urinals of a music store

NEXT, I'm in a big music store with shelves of records. I'm wandering around. I see a bin of interesting posters, so I look through it. The front one is an original Georgia O'Keefe painting selling for $2.99. On the bottom it shows a Disney cartoon frame that looks a lot like her painting. "Aha," I think to myself as I realize that it's revealing how they (Disney) copied from her work. The cartoon shows a modern commercial version of Matisse's ring of naked dancer women. Georgia has signed the bottom. I look closely at the signature and see it's actually just initials: "A.W."
I see Topher running around the store. He's wearing a sports team shirt that has his name in big letters on his back above a number. The sleeves are glittery blue in a 70s funk sort of way, and I think he's wearing glittery eyeshadow.
I have to use the bathroom, so go find one in the store. It's a huge women's restroom without any stalls -- the toilets are just lining the wall without any privacy. They all have black seats. There are also urinals. Some women are trying to pee in the urinals, which looks really funny. They're all laughing together. The atmosphere of this room feels very inclusive and communal.


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