Dreams: November 3

the power of eyes

I'm in a car with a group of kids (about four of them). I'm talking to them and say that they probably have older siblings whom I know. Two of the kids are Lila Skylar's younger brother and sister. There's a striking young boy sitting between them. I ask him if he has any older siblings I might know. He thinks for a moment. Another kid reminds him that he lives next door to the Jansens. The boy then says something about Matt Rarity.
I'm looking at this boys' face. He's absolutely beautiful. His eyes are huge and very unusually striking. I can't stop looking at them, they are so hypnotizing. I then realize why human cultures emphasize the aesthetic importance and beauty of eyes. They are truly revealing. This boy's eyes are a sparkling blend of green & blue. The irises are 3-D, like holograms, set against a black background. Colorful lines surround his pupils like brilliant sun rays.


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