Dreams: November 4

I'm part of Clinton's task force

I'm in a cozy auditorium. Bill Clinton is standing at the front of the room. It's a meeting, and people are being divided into various committees for different political jobs. I have a little Swarthmore flag that I'm waving around with a lot of enthusiasm. Clinton puts me in a group I really like. Everyone splits up, and I find myself at a table with some other people. Someone comes around with a big handful of jelly beans and puts them on the table in front of us. We all dive in and eat them. I only eat the black licorice jelly beans.

rhythmic titilation & loss of inhibitions

NEXT, I'm sitting on a bed. E.F. is there with me, laying on his back, with his knees hanging over the edge of the bed. I crawl up onto him, straddling his lap. It's all just a friendly gesture -- not sexual. There's a window right above E.F.'s head, which I'm looking out of because some interesting people are outside. E. starts tapping his feet, lightly shaking his knees/legs/hips up & down. At first it's all still platonic. Then I start to feel a hard pressure under me, and E.'s rhythmic movement is making our contact have a sexual friction to it. I'm getting turned on. We roll over together. I have my legs wrapped around him. The rhythm is continuing, now in the form of controlled hip movement -- we're having sex. E. suddenly turns into L.K., a change I like at first. Then I realize I don't want to taint my relationship with L.K. with sexual stuff, so I change him into S.R. Our exchange is intense with passion. Then a loud knock at the door interrupts us. S.R. hops up to see who it is. M.J. is standing at the door, and she's very angry. The two of them start to fight, yelling at each other at the top of their lungs. I don't like this at all, so I leave the room through another door.
I walk down the hall to a big tiled bathroom. Many students are there, most of them females. Many are naked since the shower area is an open part of the room. The toilets are in the form of long shiny silver slides; water's rushing down them. They're beautiful in a cold, technological sort of way. I see a young naked woman stretched out at the top of one. I climb onto the one next to her. I feel like I'm sitting at the top of a water slide. Water is rushing around me, running down the slide in a strong stream to the drains at the bottom. I see the water turn golden yellow as I pee.
I then get up and decide to go back to my room. I have a couple towels wrapped around me, but I'm naked under them. The wide hall has some people walking down it. As I walk along, I get the sudden urge to run as fast as I can without worrying about being naked. "Let go of your towels!" a voice in my head says. It suddenly seems crazy to have to always cover oneself, so I sprint down the hall without gripping my towels. (Yet they somehow stay wrapped around me.) It's refreshing to be so free of inhibitions.


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