Dreams: November 8

9 irons

I'm with two friends (Noli and Kathie maybe??). We're all staying in a hotel together. We arrive and I open the door to our room. It looks like a very deluxe office with a light cream-colored decor. There's a big desk with a huge top-of-the-line computer on it. The back wall has several tall windows. I walk to the back wall to open a big closet. Inside there are nine irons hanging on hooks on the wall, ready for use. I get a kick out of this, running out into the hall to tell the two others (for they don't come into the room for some reason). "We have NINE irons!" I tell them. "This means that if we all have to iron our clothes at the same time, we will each have three irons to use!"

twin-fest, USA

NEXT, I'm out on a lawn with some other people. Tim B. is there, talking to a group of friends. We see each other, but there's no acknowledgment. We both pretend like we don't see each other. I get the feeling he doesn't have positive feelings toward me.
There are many twins on the lawn, most of whom are Swatties. I make a realization: sometimes in the past when I've said hello to someone in passing (around campus), thinking I knew them, it had actually been their twin. No wonder they hadn't returned the warm greeting! I see Adrienne and go up to talk to her. Her twin sister is here, and we're introduced.
Suddenly I'm an omniscent viewer. Someone is telling an ironic joke/story about two twin sisters. I see the tale's punchline illustrated by a scene below me. I'm floating above a motorboat that the twins are driving. The little open boat is speeding across choppy ocean water, and I'm only feet above it, going along at the same speed. There's a HUGE white toilet on board. Since I'm directly overhead, I can see into the bowl of the toilet, which is a violently dramatic whirlpool. It's supposed to be symbolic -- something to do with one of the twin sisters running away, escaping from reality.
Now I'm back on the lawn. Noli is there. She's inviting me to go somewhere, so we begin walking across a meadow under the sun. I stop and tell her that I'm barefooted, so I'm worried I won't make it to where we want to go. She assures me that I'll be okay and leads me forward supportively.

Next, there's a wild purple muppet flying around the room like a monkey from Wizard of Oz. It's alive!


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