Dreams: November 10

my anger against Mom's boyfriend

I walk into a house that's supposedly Mom's place. I'm walking down a hall, and I get a quick peek through a doorway into the living room. Mom is there with her "New Yorker" boyfriend. They're sitting on the couch. When Mom sees me, she quickly stands up and tries to walk toward me, down the hall. She's wearing a bathrobe. She can't walk straight and has to put her hands against the walls to hold herself up. I'm upset because I can see she's drunk. I look into the living room and see that her male friend is holding a wine cooler in his hand. I'm suddenly incredibly angry, especially at him.
Now it's just me and this guy in the house. He seems really young (mid-20s) and is quite good-looking, with light blond hair. I'm furious at him for getting Mom drunk. There's a real power-struggle going on between him and me. Somehow I seriously hurt him -- either by shooting him with a gun or stabbing him with a knife. He collapses onto me, passing out. There's a wound at the base of his head, at the back of his neck, and it's bleeding all over the place. Everything's covered with bright red blood.
I get nervous and guilty, so I decide to get help. I see a phone and dial 911. It rings for a while before anyone picks it up. "Lost and found -- oh, I mean, 911," a man's voice says on the other end. I tell him about my situation, but the guy seems unsure of what to do. "Get me an ambulance!" I scream at him. He mumbles and stutters, making excuses for himself. This inept emergency operator makes me think I dialed the wrong number. So I hang up on him and redial 911. Another voice (male) picks up this time. I tell him the same thing, and he says an ambulance will come soon.

eating at a potluck

NEXT, it's dark outside, and I run into Lisa (a Swattie). She tells us that there's a party at her place, pointing up at a window on the 2nd or 3rd floor of a nearby apartment building. She invites us to go check it out (even though she's leaving ?). I'm with Phoebe, and we decide to go see the party. It's a potluck inside, with a long table of delicious-looking food. We stick around to eat. I get a plate and start dishing food onto it. I'm getting lots of spicy Indian dishes (lentils, rice, curry, etc.). I see a bowl of fruit salad that looks really yummy. I decide to come back for that after I'm done eating what I already have on my plate. I want to eat the fruit with some brie cheese I also see. Phoebe tells me to try the delicious "Cream Crumb Cake" (or something like that). She dishes a big serving onto my plate; it's the last serving with the special white creamy part.
Behind me in line is Tony Dileo. I'm excited to see her, and we start talking. "Now remind me who you are -- Maya or Phoebe?" she says. I'm suddenly very sad. I realize how much time has passed and how much I miss the wonderful people from my childhood (including Tony). I can't believe she's forgotten what we look like.


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