Dreams: November 12

in a house on a rainy day

I'm in a big empty house, wandering around upstairs. There are many bedrooms, all with hardwood floors. None have much furniture. I see that some of the rooms have recently been added on. I like the fact that when someone owns their own house they can make any changes and additions they want. Korey is in one of the rooms. I'm trying on a '70s-style dress that has two layers. Looking at myself in a mirror, I like my body, for it looks well-toned and in-shape. Then I'm standing at a window with Phoebe and John. It's raining really hard outside. We can see out onto the roof and street. I mention Mark & Ginger, how I'm thinking of them.

playing weird group games

NEXT, I'm in a room with other students. We're all playing a game, sitting around in a circle. The adult leader explains that the next activity will be a fun game: popping each other's zits. There's a guy sitting on my left. I start talking to him and offer to make him come instead of what everyone else is doing. He says sure, so I start giving him a handjob (through his pants, in a vague sort of way).
Then the director announced that we're actually going to play a birthday game since it's Prachi's b-day. We all start running around, following lots of weird rules. I hear a knock on a window. We're on a top floor of a tall building, so this knock surprises me. I go open the window and peek out. David Letterman, John and Alan are all hovering right outside, all with huge smiles. They climb in and join us. Then Granddaddy is there too. They're all eating big slices of pizza. There's a table of food, but we can't eat until the birthday girl does something. Kate Baird and I sneak some scones anyway. They taste good.

water-skiing on land

NEXT, I'm in a restaurant. I go downstairs to the bathroom to see if they have any free postcards. They have a cool rack of them. There are bright reproductions of various paintings. I'm picking out a handful of them when an older woman approaches me. She's very pushy, setting a booklet on the table in front of me. She asks me to read it. I decline because I know it's some Christian info. The woman is trying to convert me, and I know she's just wasting her time.
I go back upstairs. We leave and go outside. A giant cruise ship pulls up in front of the restaurant. It then keeps going, cruising along. I grab onto it, skiing behind it. Suddenly I'm actually hitching a ride on a vehicle that Smitha and Carrie are driving. I'm land-skiing, getting towed by a long rope. We're going really fast. It's fun but dangerous. We do a fast turn that had too much momentum, so I let go, rolling onto a grass lawn at full speed.
Then I'm suddenly in Smitha's room talking to her. I'm about to sit down on her bed when I realize that Erin's sleeping there, hidden under the white covers. Whew -- I'm glad I noticed or else I would have sat on her head and woken her up! We didn't even notice before.


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