Dreams: October 30

taking a test with Phoebe

I'm in the luxurious parlour of a mansion. I'm there with a group of high school students who are in an English class taught by Ms. Bowen-Jones. They are all in the process of taking a midterm exam. I see that I have a completed copy of the exam on my lap. It's a test that I took a couple years ago when I was in the same English class, and it has been graded, with a big A at the top of the first page. It's the same test that everyone around me is now taking. I realize that Phoebe is here, trying to take the test. I want to find her to give her my old test so that she can do well on it. But then I realize that I'm also supposed to be taking the test, so I'm torn -- should I use my old test to copy the answers for myself (since I've now forgotten all the material) or should I find Phoebe and give it to her? I can't decide.


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