Dreams: October 25

Grandma Bessie

I'm with Grandma Bessie. We're both sitting at a table, talking to each other. John might be there too.

Rich is killed in a weird house

NEXT, I'm in a small bathroom when the whole room begins to shake violently, like an earthquake (or my mind is going crazy). I have a thick blanket wrapped around me. I fall onto my side onto the tile floor. Then I open my eyes and see a face looking down at me.
Suddenly I'm in a big house at night. It has thick off-white wall-to-wall carpeting in every room. The ceiling isn't very high, and there's construction happening in some of the rooms, as if it's a house not yet completed. I'm poking around. I see Mom in a bedroom that has open doorways. She's with a guy on a bed. I walk through a quiet hall and look into another room. It has a circus-like stage that totally reminds me of a famous painting. I'm struck by how odd it is to see a perfect reconstruction of such renowned art. I drop to my knees and am crawling through the hall. I see Phoebe down the hall, across a big room on the other side of the house.
I look back into Mom's bedroom. It's now well-lit. People are standing up, and I see an Italian guy who is famous, named Rich Samboura (?). He's muscular and is either a B-list actor or some pop singer who already got his 15 minutes of fame. There's another famous person standing next to him -- more of a celebrity than Rich. Suddenly there's a conflict happening. I see someone stab Rich through the heart. I look at his back, and there are many, many blades of all shapes and sizes sticking out. Someone else walks up to Rich (still standing) an stabs him again from the front.

shoe sale

NEXT, I'm shopping, browsing a store. It sells shoes. There's a big sale going on, but I can't find any shoes that I like or would consider buying.

kissing M. & talking to Phoebe

NEXT, I walk into a basement-type room. M. is there. He's excited to see me, and we kiss. We're in a weird pretzel shape on the floor. He's on bottom, and our legs are wrapped around each other in a yoga-like position. We're kissing, and the tongue movement is an obvious connotation of sexual intercourse. Phoebe walks in. M. & I stop kissing. I feel a little awkward, but M. and I don't get up or unwrap ourselves. Phoebe's now on the floor next to us. She tells me she's leaving soon to go somewhere. Suddenly I know what she's about to tell me (b/c M. had told me earlier). She's going to see Gary, she tells me. I know. She continues, saying he's not Mom's old Gary, but her own boyfriend. I somehow know all this and tell her so. M.'s butt is right in my face, even though he's laying on his back, and I'm looking at his face. I rest my chin on it. I still feel weird with Phoebe right there. She's leaving for a long time, it sounds like. I'm sad. I bite M.'s left butt cheek.


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