Dreams: October 20

Laurie's new technology

I'm in the backseat of a car. Laurie Hoye is driving while she explains to me a new computer/internet program that she's just created. It has something to do with the car. It strikes me as a genius idea.

playing an Arctic game

NEXT, I'm skipping along with three other women. Our arms are all linked, and I'm on the far right end. We're going uphill. There are also people behind us. I'm not wearing much from the waist down: only underwear. At first I'm concerned that the folks behind us are seeing too much as we run along. (Is my butt hanging out right in front of them?) Then I think, What the hell! and keep skipping.
We end up in a room with some others, all sitting around in a circle. Miles is here. We're all talking. I get up and leave. I walk into a theater, but no performance/movie is going on. People are just sitting in the seats talking to each other. I sit down with some people I know: Thomas, another familiar guy (whom I now can't remember) and a young woman named Claudine. We decide to play a game. Thomas explains the way it works: one person chooses a fact/truth for everyone else, but s/he doesn't tell anyone what it is. That person then has to ask the others questions, trying to make them all realize what that fact is. I'm asked to start, so I have to think of something really quickly. I decide that each person has 82 wives/husbands. I ask one person how big their bed is. I ask another how many people they sleep with. No one is really catching on to what the truth could be.
Then it's someone else's turn. He's taking us someplace. Now I'm just an omniscent observer. We're in the Arctic. Everything is white with snow and ice. It's all very dramatic & primitive. I see the shoreline not too far away, but the water is frozen. A misty white haze of coldness is hovering in the air. I even hear a dramatic rhythm of drums in the background. The guy (from the game) is leading a troup of people on a trudging hike through the thick snow, like a caravan. They're carrying big heavy carts. Some people look like ape-men because they've got thick, wooly, dark-brown furs over their shoulders, dragging in the snow. They look really big, the size of buffalo or mammoths. I didn't realize the game could get this serious. I thought it was all supposed to be fun.
One woman (Claudine) who's playing seems fed up with it all. She's ready to go talk to the guy who's putting it on. She walks by me (my perspective), ranting under her breath. She's tall and skinny, like a supermodel, with straight blond hair. Now she's inside a small spartan sort of building. The boss guy is there, and she's facing him. (My perspective is that of the guy, so it looks like she's facing me, talking to me.) She's bitter and angry, tears running down her face. She says she didn't think it would come down to this, but she's ready to end the game. She starts peeling off her clothing. First the thick wooly fur drops to the floor. Then she unwraps her ragged clothes, explaining that she knows what truth the guy chose. "It's this, okay?!" she says as she unwraps the final bandage-like bits of fabric from her body and points to her bare torso. Her midriff is not normal because it's actually two skinny tendons twisted together. While her shoulders and hips look fine, her stomach area splits into two halves that have a gap in the middle (but they're wrapped together). It looks abnormal, but not sick or anything. Somehow I don't think the guy even knew about this when he started the game.

my fly's down at a baseball game

NEXT, I'm at a baseball game with some friends, and we're having fun watching. There's a really fat guy our age a few seats away. He's taking up several seats. We're talking to him, and he's really nice and genuine. He's our friend. Suddenly I feel defensive of him, not wanting people to judge him by his size.
Then I'm on the other side of the outdoor stadium. I'm in the front row (although it's still up rather high). There's a weak netting stretched in front of me, but it doesn't look like it'd stop a ball from hitting me. I'm scared. I tell Noli and Miles who are sitting behind me. They tell me not to worry about it. I look down at my lap and realize that the zipper of my shorts is all the way down, leaving a gaping hole. I'm embarrassed. I put on a black baseball cap backwards and watch the game. One team is totally beating the other one. The players on the bases look interesting because they're wearing wild costumes. They are men and women of all ages. They keep scoring runs.


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