Dreams: October 19

watching Holly boogie in a gym

I'm in a big school gym with many other people my age. I'm sitting on the floor talking to a group of Swatties. Someone says that there's a dorm room available: a 9-person block open in "Warrish" (Parrish with a changed name). I'm excited because it means that we can move into it if Carrie & I get together 7 other interested students. Sure, it's single-sex, but the central location beats the trek from ML. The others around me look hesitant.
Then a group of people gets up and starts dancing as loud music plays overhead. It's totally-choreographed, with everyone in unison, like an '80s Janet Jackson number. I stood up with them and somehow got swept into it. Now I'm dancing along, but I don't really want to since I have no idea what I'm doing. There's still a big group sitting on the floor watching, so I sit down and join them. I watch. Holly is in front, dancing away. The front six dancers split into two trios, each trying to perform a fancy move: two guys support the female, who holds onto their shoulders, pulling her feet up onto their thighs. The left trio does it fine, but Holly can't make it up onto the guys' legs. It looks really funny, and I can't stop laughing.

my broken camera

NEXT, I'm trying to take photos with my nice Canon camera, but it's acting weird, with lots of clicking sounds. It's as if the camera is taking many pictures in a row every time I press the button. A group of people is posing in front of me. I can see them through the camera lens. But then the camera just won't work at all. I open it up and see that I'm exposing all the film.

at the lake with Troy and Phoebe

NEXT, I'm walking with Phoebe along a street. We approach a big, beautiful house that's white with different shades of blue trim. It's located where Well Springs (my nursery school) is, on the corner of Gresham & Iowa streets. I see Troy and a young woman approaching the same house from the other side of the yard, on my right. We all end up in the house together.
Suddenly we're all in a rowboat out on a park lake. Then I'm underwater, looking up through the water at the boat on the surface. I see Troy fall in. He sinks towards me, face down, his blond hair splaying out in all directions around his head. He's wearing a white t-shirt under a long-sleeved blue button-up shirt.
Then I'm on the side of the lake, crouching down with Phoebe next to a pile of our stuff. I'm arranging the pile of things up against a tree. There's a stack of big & small framed pictures/paintings and pears & apples. I want everything to be safe and undisturbed while Phoebe and I aren't here, so I try to make all the stuff as inconspicuous as possible. I spread a blue button-up shirt over the pile.


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