Dreams: October 18

feeling chipper & chubby, talking to Phoebe

I'm playing frisbee with a group of friends. Then suddenly it is early morning, and I feel like I'm just waking up. I see Phoebe sitting at a counter nearby. I go up to talk to her. I have a lot of energy. Phoebe comments on how unusual it is for me to be so chipper when I just woke up and it's early morning. I agree. I'm just wearing a bathing suit (a pretty swirl of colors: blue, purple, green, aqua) and my green sweatpants. There is another counter next to the one we're at (parallel to it, behind us). A guy is sitting at the other counter, and he presses up to me, back to back. I can't really see him, but I know he's big, older, wearing a thick jacket. This physical contact makes me feel attractive. I get up to do something. I pass by a mirror and see myself in it. I'm very, very chubby.


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