Dreams: October 17

watching the news at Noli's house

I'm with Noli. We're sitting in her small house/apartment. Suddenly I'm watching TV (the news), and they're interviewing a young woman whom Noli knows. The woman is sitting on top of Noli's blue metal roof. The camera is zoomed in for a close-up. Her whole face fills the screen, the late afternoon light highlighting one side of it. The light shows the woman's blond peach fuzz on her cheeks, and she's wearing heavy lipstick. The camera cuts to a man sitting on the roof of a nearby house. He's listening to the woman talk (and her voice is still the main sound). Then the camera shows a book laying open on the roof, its pages fluttering in the wind.

playing "Who Owes Money?"

NEXT, Now I'm in a room with a group of people. We're lining up for some activity/game. Some of us owe money and some don't; each person is supposed to guess someone else who they think really owes the money. (It's kind of like Clue Master Detective.) We're standing in a line -- I'm at the end, while Denise is at the front. She looks unusually tall. She's as tall as the two guys next to her, and they're football players. I know everyone in line (about six people), including Noli. I'm trying to figure out who would owe money -- who should I guess? Denise was saying something about money to me earlier, so I figure that she must be guilty. The first person is ready to guess. The first person is some guy, and he guesses Denise. There's an adult man facilitating this game (a teacher, a composite of Mr. Eliseuson and Bill Gabriel). He says no, Denise doesn't owe money, so the guy who guessed is now out of the game.
Molly McBride walks into the room and joins us, stepping up to the front of the line. She's wearing a long, light-pink, cotton dress. She starts to make her guess, and suddenly I know she's going to say my name. "Maya?" she asks. The facilitator nods his head and says, "Yes! You are right. Maya owes 1500 dollars!" I'm now out of the game, which makes me mad since Molly wasn't really playing. She just joined spontaneously for the fun of it. I protest, telling the teacher guy that it was Molly McBride who guessed my name, for god's sake! The facilitator agrees that I deserve compensation, so he reaches out his hand and gives me four quarters. I laugh and demand that I get to facilitate the whole game myself for a little while. Elis/Gabe obliges, so I stand on the table. I call on the next person to make their guess. (Then I wake up not knowing where I am until I open my eyes.)


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