Dreams: November 30

Cuba opens up

I'm at Rob's house. I see a travel magazine sitting on the coffee table next to me. One of the headlines on the cover reads: "Deputy Says It's Time to Go to Cuba." I'm very intrigued by this, so I grab the magazine and open it up. Thumbing through the pages, I find the story. It's a spread on Cuba from the perspective of an American tourist/journalist. There are lots of pictures of sandy beaches and tall highrises. One shows a skyscraper building; Fidel Castro is huge, hanging off the side of the building like King Kong.

watching stars from a spaceship

NEXT, I'm inside a train-like vehicle, but it's more compact and feels different. I'm sitting with Maiah and Carrie at first. Then I move up to a window seat area, where people are stretched out on velvety red cushions, under fluffy comforters. The window seat is a little vestibule, with a bubble of glass overhead, like a skylight. I snuggle in with the people there and look up through the window. Outside I see a dark night sky with lots of bright stars. Everyone's focusing all their attention to the sky. Victor is on my left.
I decide to go up farther to look out the next window seat, which is very similar to the other one. Two people are up against the glass (where it comes down to meet the cushion), while two young men are stretched out on their stomachs, looking forward/up at the sky. I look out and realize that we're actually in a spaceship, floating above the earth's surface (yet still in this atmosphere, like a low-flying plane). I lay down between the two guys. I snuggle under the covers and feel totally cozy and warm. I look at the horizon through the glass and see a mountain ahead in the distance. There's a line of lights at the top, like a ski-lift.
Victor is on my left again. He tells me to focus on those lights. All of a sudden I see a shooting star burst from that line of lights on the top of the mountain. The bright star zig-zags across the sky for a moment and then leaves a brilliant circle of light behind as it fades out. We all cheer enthusiastically as this happens. It's a unifying moment of joy. We all laugh and hug. Then Victor and I continue to touch each other. We're lying on our sides, facing each other under the covers. Now our bodies are touching, up against each other. We're slowly touching each others' shoulders, arms and faces with our warm hands. Then we embrace and kiss.

picking out postcards

NEXT, It's late at night (2 or 3am), dark outside. I'm desperately trying to find a place that sells postcards, for I need to send some to Mom and John the next day. I walk by a hardware store and surprised to find it open, warmly-lit inside. A big bearded man is working there. I see a long rack of postcards of all types, which pleases me. I pick out a bunch of good ones. Then I realize I don't know how much they cost. I go ask the guy, who's sitting at a desk in an office in the back. "75 cents each, or 30 for nine bucks. Oh, and some are free -- just check the backs for the free stamp," he answers. Sounds good to me. I check the right pocket of my jeans and find a $5 bill. I go back to the postcards and see a new pile sitting on a nearby table. The top one is an up-close photo of Jane. It shows just part of her face, her eyes staring intensely at the camera. I shuffle through the rest of the pile and see that they're all up-close shots of Jane's face, from a range of different persectives. One shows her hair and face covered in soapy suds, and she's laughing. I look on the back and see a free stamp, so I decide to take a couple.


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