Dreams: December 5


I'm with Noli in a bakery/deli. She's holding a big loaf of bread and wants to cut it. I see that she's already cut a few slices to make a sandwich (made of only bread and white cream cheese). We each are holding big saws. She asks if I can help to make a "cooperative cut" (or some similar term). I try, but it's annoyingly difficult. Noli's holding the bread up in the air, and we're each trying to saw at it from different directions.
I'm concerned that we might miss our train, so I give up with the bread cutting and duck out of the deli. I'm now in an underground dark tunnel area, lit dimly by lights on the walls. Everything is made of dark old metal. The ground is covered with train tracks. A train is sitting there. It's the one we have to catch, so I jump up onto it. (In order to board, you have to hang onto metal pegs on the walls, jumping onto the roof of the train cars.)
As soon as I'm up on the top, the train starts to pull away. I yell "Noli! Hurry up! The train is leaving!" She's still in the deli. Now I can't wait for her since I'm already on the moving train. "NOLI!" I yell as loud as I can. I hear her voice faintly in the distance. I shout for the train to stop, but it doesn't. I'm on the front car. I peek over the side to see the conductor through the front window. I wave to get her attention, but she doesn't see me. So I swing my leg down over the side to wave it back and forth. She sees and gets the message, slowing the train to a stop.
Suddenly Noli and I are on the train together, now inside one of the cars. I don't want to have to pay, so I sit down on the floor in the corner and pretend I'm asleep. The train's ticket checker is a nice older man. I can tell that he doesn't want to wake me up when he walks by me. I have an ID card in my hand (which he must check). He's about to quietly take it from my hand to check when I "wake up" because I know the ID is not mine. I was going to cheat but then decide not to. I slip it back into my wallet to get out my real one. He sees this and just chuckles, as if he's in on the illegal stuff.
Now the ticket checker and I are best buds, chatting with each other. I see that he has a photo album of pressed marijuana leaves sitting open on a nearby table. He is a sweet, rebellious old man.

I sexually harass a guy

NEXT, I'm with a gorgeous young man who is tall & lean, with dark skin. [When I woke up, I realized he was Bolton, from the "Homo" narrative of Poison, the movie I just saw for English 85.] As I talk to him, I find that he is stupid and crass. I mention some woman (his mother?), and in response, he says, "Yeah, she's got big tits." I scoff, telling him that they're going to explode someday since they're made of silicone. He and I are standing, facing each other. He's tall. He seems to be playing hard-to-get, while I'm being assertively flirtatious.
I lift up his shirt to peek at his belly button. "What's the name of your stomach?" I ask him. He tells me it doesn't have a name. I tell him I'll name it for him: "Lonely Road." I then stroke his stomach, running my fingers down to his pubic hair. I stick my hand down his pants. He turns away from me, getting into a truck that's parked near us. Suddenly we're driving along. Someone else is driving, while this guy is in the middle, and I'm at the end of the passenger seat. I can't get enough of this guy. My hand wanders over onto his lap, and I feel his dick through his pants. It feels very small, with a diameter comparable to that of a cigar.

my voice doesn't cut it

NEXT, I'm auditioning for an a capella singing group, sitting around a table with a group of women. I have to go to the bathroom, so I get up. When I get back I do the audition but feel like I missed some bonding moment, putting me at a disadvantage. Thus I don't get into the group.


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