Dreams: November 29

being a fucking spectacle to an audience

I'm in a classroom filled with students. They're along the walls of the room. A young man whom I know is sitting at a desk in the center of the room. He and I are ushering people out of the room so we can be alone together. Heather is here, and I urge her to check out something outside (so she'll leave). I go over to the guy and straddle him. Suddenly we're having intercourse. It almost reaches a climax when I look up to see that the room is still filled with students, all sitting in desks up against the walls, watching us in the center of the room. I get flustered and jump up. Time somehow passes. I approach the guy again, ready to continue. Yet he looks content and satisfied, as if he's already come. I'm kind of disappointed, wanting climatic closure.

in a food buffet line

NEXT, I'm in a big room with tables of food. I'm going along a long fancy buffet table line, filling several plastic containers. I'm behind a couple of older gossipy women. There are many types of gourmet salads, pastas, deli items, etc. I also see some delicious-looking fruit. There's a sprig of grapes that are various unusual shades of yellow, gold, orange and blush pink. They look like tiny nectarines. I try one. It's very tasty.


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