Dreams: November 28

Mom makes me change outfits

I'm in an upstairs room of a big house. I'm working at a computer, doing something fun & repetitive with my web page. Then I have a friend with me. She and I have flirtatious energy zinging between us. Suddenly we're on a bed/couch with lots of blankets. We're both naked, touching each other. It's energetic, and we are both laughing and moaning loudly. All of a sudden I hear a voice in the room. I look up and see Lorien. I quickly roll off the bed, wrapping some covers around my naked body. I feel embarrassed and ashamed since I didn't know anyone else was in the room. I stand up and walk toward Lorien, saying hello (since I haven't seen her for months, being away at school). She's facing the other wall, politely refusing to acknowledge me.
Then I'm in another part of the same house. It's a cool place because it has many rooms and hallways, all with deep-green carpeting and wallpaper. It all feels insulated, like cozy underground passageways, with all sorts of levels, nooks and crannies. There are lots of other friends in this house. We're all getting ready for some big event. I've planned an outfit to wear. I'm in a bathroom putting it on. I'm wearing khaki pants and a crisp white linen shirt that buttons up the front. I have a handful (literally) of neckties that I'm going to wear all at once. Several are pink. There's a sheet of writing that I'm going to artistically insribe on the ties as some political statement.
I leave the ties behind as I go to show Mom my outfit. She's somewhere in the house. When I finally find her, she strikes me as a total aristocrat, dressed up and power-hungry. I show her my outfit. She frowns and then splashes a glob of melted chocolate onto the front of my crisp shirt. I'm so mad! I can't believe she's done this; I'm furiously frustrated. Now I don't even know what to wear.
I wander around the house, not knowing what to wear for the big event. I walk through several different bathrooms. I ask people if they have any clothes I can borrow. Nobody does. Then Mom appears again. She has a dress in hand, urging me to wear it. It's black and fancy, with sheer chiffon shoulders & arms, with a glittery, tight body. I decide to try it on, which pleases Mom.


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