Dreams:March 16

ritz snorting

I'm at a party hosted by David Letterman. There's a big crowd of guests, all Asians, sitting in rows of chairs. I move to the back of the room. Food is out, and a group of people are standing around eating. I see crackers, cheese, a bin of sliced pickles and pieces of fruit. There are three different sizes of Ritz crackers. Someone makes a stack of crackers, big on bottom, medium in the middle and small on top. They hand it to someone else to eat. There are mint flavored Ritz crackers too. Someone makes another stack of crackers, this time adding a mint-flavored one on top; it is the smallest and is dyed a deep blue/green color, looking like a large cheerio. When they hand the crackers to someone, the person drops it accidentally, and the top mint cracker goes rolling to the floor. Suddenly I'm stuffing a bunch of food into some guy's mouth: crackers, cheese, pickles, etc. I'm taking handfuls and smashing them into his mouth and up his nose, into his nostrils.


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