Dreams:March 7


I'm in a room full of people. There is a kitchen area, and a sophomore Swattie named John is cooking up an Indian-like dish with vegetables and curry. I taste some. It's very yummy. I can't stop eating it.
Then I am walking along a path in the woods. It is going down a mountainside, criss-crossing back and forth on the way down. Lots of people are on the path, and there are many trees around us. Someone is telling me about a contest and the participants who are ranked to qualify. The person tells me that the top 100 or so of them are going to pass me on this path going the opposite direction. As each one passes me, I'm supposed to pretend that I don't know who s/he is. The first participant I see is an Arab wearing a turban, driving in a bright red sports car. Another is Winona Ryder.
I get down to the end of the path: an open grassy area where the contest is going on. People have set up experiments to show the public. It is like a convention of new innovative things. I wander over to a pond. There is a big machine in the middle, with a bunch of gears and moving parts. I see familiar faces of people I know; they are sitting around the pond (Toni Dileo, Erik Wallbank and other Ashlanders). Everyone is watching the machine in the middle of the water. It is churning out ducks -- young fuzzy yellow ones -- in pairs. A stream of older ducks is also swimming into the machine in pairs. For every two old ones that go in, two young ones come out. I ask someone what is going on. They tell me that the ducks are being cloned but have to sacrifice themselves to do it. The person then tells me that when the ducks go in, they have a solemn moment of silent prayer before being sacrificed. I see tears in her/his eyes. I'm appalled by this whole cloning process. People do it too, s/he says. Suddenly I find myself in line to be cloned. I pull out my Swat ID card (as if I'm in line for dinner at the Sharples dining center). I'm upset though. Does this mean one has to give up his/her life for an artificially-made new young one?


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