Dreams: July 29

garage sale

I'm at a garage sale that's inside. There's tons of really nice stuff, all set up elaborately, so it seems more like a retail store than a yard sale. The sale belongs to Jacqueline (across the street from John's house). For some reason I have very negative feelings toward her. She's a bitch-lady in my mind. I'm looking around, seeing plenty of things I like. I try on a denim skirt, long & slim with a slit up the side. I look at some beige shoes that are Birkenstock brand. It's a type of sandal with a rounded toe and 2 straps. I'm wearing them around now.
I go look in the jewelry section. There's a shelf up high with nice-looking jewelry. I have to stand on a chair to reach it. There's a big can of beaded necklaces. I pick through it looking for amber. There are some amber necklaces, but the amber on them is too flashy & glittery & bright orange. It looks almost fake. All the other beaded necklaces are priced on a sign next to the can. It says "amber:" with a big blank space where the price should go. I pull out a pendant ball. It's a clear ball with a slightly-smaller gold Earth ball inside, floating in liquid. The gold Earth ball is textured, and the continents stick out slightly. When I turn the pendant in my palm, the Earth moves around inside. I dig around in the can some more and pull out some rings. There are a couple 3-connected rings like the one I have. One is silver and one gold.

bagels & cheese

NEXT, I'm back at school. I'm in line for breakfast. Noli and Jenica are there. Noli is in line with me, complaining about some food policy/service. Jenica is working, standing at the head of the line handing out the food. The line leads up to a wall of shelved refrigeration (like the dairy section of a supermarket). Noli's saying something about how we should get a couple of bagels for the money we spend. More for the buck. As I move up closer I hear people talking about how the fat content of the cheddar cheese is highest. There is a huge stack of bagels and shelves of different types of sliced cheeses we can choose from. Jenica is wearing dark denim overalls and a white tee-shirt. She hands our requests to us. Noli loves the "Ray's" cheddar cheese but is worried about the high-fat content. I look at the huge blocks of orange cheese, all with "Ray's" printed on the plastic labels. I choose Swiss.


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