Dreams: July 30

party with clothing designer and politicians

I seem to be in a nighttime soap opera TV show (like Dynasty or Knot's Landing). I'm in a huge luxurious mansion. It belongs to a young man who is a top clothing designer. He's standing on a dance floor in a big high-ceilinged room. Mannequins surround him, and they're all wearing clothes he has designed. The man is good looking, wearing khaki pants and a jacket, standing nonchalantly amongst his mannequins, hands in his pockets. He and I are a couple.

People start flooding into the room. It's a big party gathering. I hear the man explain to a group of people how GAP got started and why it's a big company now. The guests are now sitting down. I look down at myself and realize I'm naked except for a tight pair of boxer shorts. The man joins me, holding my hands. He sits down on the parque wooden floor, and I sit down behind him, pressing the front of my body up to his back. I wrap my legs and arms around him. This makes me a little more comfortable because I'm hiding my bare breasts from the other guests.

Then the gathering gets political. I look around and see all sorts of politicians, and it seems as though this is some special power-conference. We are now all standing and breaking into smaller groups. I'm with the man and three women. One of them is Tipper Gore. Then she and Al get kicked out for some reason. I ask the other young woman who she is. "I'm Sonya's daughter," she tells me.

Then it looks like we're on a crowded train. It's a much different group of people. I see a long seat of little kids, all wearing halloween costumes. I'm still with a man, but he's different now. He's a composite of several men I know (part Ted Deasy). We're trying to get downstairs to meet up with some people. We have to swing over a group of folks on a rope swing. Then we sit down at a low table with a small group. I tell them that I'm lucky because Noli's cousin, Matt is going to come visit me. I tell them that he'll be here soon. One older woman has a plastic, smooth strip in her hands, and she's doing a quick repetitive motion to flatten and stretch it. I want to do it too, so she says I have to go get the red soap to do mine (hers is blue, mine red). The soap will slick up the plastic and retain its color.


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