Dreams: July 28

group projects

I'm in a classroom with lots of students. Everyone's in small groups working on a research project. Each group is researching a specific component of a particular place. I see Noli is at a table, and her group is covering the culture of the 1970s in some foreign country. It sounds interesting to me. I'm joining late, so I have to find a group to be in. I sit down with a group that's covering a very boring topic -- some historical war or something. I see folks at another table spreading out maps.


NEXT, I'm in a house. I'm part of a family that has adopted kids. I'm very angry at my older sister who's also adopted. I'm in the kitchen, and I decide to start a little fire. I crinkle up a bunch of newspaper sheets and pile them into the sink. I have a box of matches, and I try to light the pyramid of stacked balls of newspaper, but I'm having trouble lighting them. I keep having to strike a new match. Finally it ignites. I'm still mad because I disagree with my family's Republican views.


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