Dreams: July 27

facing death

I'm talking with Anna Winthrop. We are discussing certain patterns we see in our lives, piecing together clues to try and figure out something. We are looking through a book that points out amazing "coincidences" in our personal lives. We realize that she and I are connected. We share the same soul or something. One of us is the reincarnate of the other? Anna tells me that all the signs show that she is going to die very soon. It's certain that some accident will happen. We realize that this means that I'm going to die soon too, whenever Anna does. I stop and think about this. I think about my life as it is now -- family, friends, places, who I am and all I've established & worked for in my 19 years. I can't believe I'm about to give up all of this. I realize it was meant to be (my upcoming death) and that I'll get to start over again. Yet it's still a difficult idea to digest. I'm going to miss this life. It hurts, but I know it has to be that way.


NEXT, I'm sitting with a group of people. We're going through a pile of Sesame Street flashcards. There are also board games and other toys around us. The woman opposite from me tells me that Sage Weil wants to play "Contact" with me. I ask what that game is, and she tells me it's a card game. Suddenly Sage is on my left. He has a big stack of playing cards (2 decks?) and is dealing to me and two others who sit with us. Sage is explaining how to play as he deals. I have a big hand of cards that I try to organize. Many kings.
As we play, I look to my left, over Sage's head, to a couch against the wall. A man is laying on the couch, and a woman is sitting on the floor next to it. She seems to me doting on the man, her head up close to his. She's smiling, and they're flirting face to face. I realize that she is his mistress. She's beautiful, much younger than him. He's married to someone else. They're playing a card game too. But I see that the man is cheating. Another young man/boy is now over there with them. The man is talking in a baby voice and says that one of the cards is "__?__" (something bad). Over her head he pulls out a real diamond and hides it again quickly, as if he's cheating it away from her.

NEXT, I'm at a restaurant counter, and I can see into the kitchen. It's rather dark back there, but I can see a young cook near the back wall. He looks familiar. I look closely and see that he's Jason Diamond. I'm surprised, for I haven't seen or thought about him in years -- not since Japanese class in high school. I call out "Ohaiyo gozaimasu". He looks up, pauses a moment, and then says, "Ohaiyo!".


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