Dreams: July 19

I'm in a big classroom filled with students of all ages. Each person is holding a bowl. There's a young man (early 20s) standing at a table/counter on the left side of the room. Holly is near him. He pees and shits in his big silver bowl and proudly brings it up to the front, dumping it in a huge communal bowl at the front of the room. His action is a little controversial, and everyone is shocked that he did it. But it's also considered really cool -- something to aspire to. Everyone is supposed to do it, to have the courage to relax and go to the bathroom in front of everyone in your bowl. Soon others are doing it too. I think about doing it myself. I've never done this in a group setting.

NEXT, I'm with Aunt Lana. We're sitting next to each other, studying a tall glossy magazine together page by page. I feel lucky to have this close moment with her, like maybe she likes me as a niece and I'm not stupid in her eyes. One page has tons of squares of interesting, witty pictures representing something. It's an advertisement that we get a kick out of.
Now we're with a big group of people, and they're divided into 3s and 4s, acting out funny little setups (somehow related to the magazine's ad). There's a director guy who's telling them what to do. There's something important about ghosts.
We are getting ready to go somewhere. John is in a race car outside, on 3rd St. (it looks like John, but he has someone else's character mixed in). He's waiting for us to go. He's being immature, racing the car around in fast frantic circles. He's getting angry that he has to wait for us. He really acts out, throwing a tantrum, yelling and racing the car around at full speed. It seems very childish to me. We make him stop. We're all going on a trip together in a big van. I make John sit in the very back. I won't tolerate his immature behavior. He's pouting as he sits in the very back. The van has many seats, almost like a bus. It has a grey interior. We're all going to a marketplace area. The van stops there (now a train), and some of us get off. I turn around and see that a number of people from our group are staying on to go to the next stop. I see the back of Elizabeth (from Swat), her head of bright red long curls. Standing next to her is Jessica Z., who's looking right at me. We have a friendly, intense eye-contact exchange as the train pulls away. I'm calling goodbye to everyone, but I can't remember Jessica's name at the time and feel bad for it. "Goodbye Julia, goodbye _____...," I yell out.
I turn around and we're at a market place with lots of people. It reminds me of the 5th St. Market in Eugene, but I realize it's foreign. We're definitely in another country. Now we're inside a big building with lots of connected, big, open rooms. The rooms have wooden plank floors and are either restaurants or shops, selling all sorts of things. I'm hungry, as well as some others, so we look for a place to eat. I see a place with a big bowl of caesar salad. I suggest we stop there, but someone tells me that they know of a place with a better caesar salad. Now I'm in a big room that has a table of food on it, set up like a family-style buffet. It's also a store selling stuff. A girl with long dark hair who's with us served herself an oblong plate of sliced, marinated cucumber salad and is eating it while she walks around. I realize this is a good idea and wonder if she has to pay if she's getting away with sneaking it off. She turns into Laurie Hoye. We look at a rack of skin-care products together. I realize we're in Italy. I see one product that's blue. I ask Laurie what it is. She says she doesn't really know, but she thinks it's this blue paste used to clog pores. Sure enough, as I look at the label, I see "Clogged de Pores" or something similar. I decide I'm hungry and want to get some food. I see Noli looking around too, as well as her mom, Kathie. I hear Kathie offer to buy Noli some dinner. I go look at the table of food. There's a separate little table with a bowl of caesar salad. I scoop some onto my plate since that's what I really want. The dressing is very thick and totally covers all the lettuce. It's goopy greyish/beige and actually looks yummy.
I go over to the other table at which people are sitting. There's a bowl with soup in it. It's clearish-brown liquid with bones in it. Fish broth? I'm curious what it is but don't know how to ask in Italian. Noli and I try to ask a woman sitting there. We realize that English won't work, but then one of us says "como se dice". The woman seems to understand. Her and Noli start talking. I look at the other dishes. There's a large white porceline oven-pan filled with lots of chicken breasts under an orange cheesy sauce. I pass on that one. I sprinkle some black seed-like particles on my salad and look for some other food, wondering how I'm going to have to pay for it. By weight?


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