Dreams: July 20

I'm walking through downtown Ashland with Noli. We are in the plaza (on the sidewalk near in front of the Plaza Cafe). We are parting. Noli's standing there on the sidewalk, and I'm walking away, now in the street. I turn back because Noli's telling me something. She says goodbye and then pauses with a pensive look on her face. I know what she's going to say before it comes out of her mouth. She tells me not to go into the Mark Antony Hotel b/c she knows I can perservere and have strong enough will-power to stay out. Somehow this means "don't drink". I say that I'll try not to but that it's a very difficult temptation. I know that somewhere deep within me I have the power to resist, yet the urge is just so strong.

NEXT, I'm at some party/gathering, sitting on a floor (on cushions?), talking to a few people. Jordan is on my left. We are talking. Somehow my left hand touches his, which is near me. There's an electric zing of positive energy between us. I keep my hand on his, and it feels good.


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