Dreams: July 18

I'm with Carrie, my sister Phoebe, and a few others. We're frantically packing our belongings into suitcases because we have to go somewhere really soon, and somebody's waiting for us. I'm throwing my clothes and toiletries into my black bag. We're in a dorm room, and the phone rings. Carrie won't answer it, and I don't want to either.
Then I'm out in the woods where the trees are sparse. There's a thick layer of brown & orange leaves covering the ground, and it feels like late fall or early winter. There are two women here (as well as Carrie, Phoebe, Mom?). One is very dressed up, wearing a big hat and a long Victorian dress. She's in her 40s or 50s and looks matronly. The two women inform me that I've won and been chosen to drive them around. The dressed-up lady lives in Nevada City, CA and needs a chauffeur. They add that I'll be paid $2 million. At first this sounds great to me, but then I wonder if I really want to live in Nevada City. I don't really want to leave Ashland, so I decide to offer to just drive for a month or two (and only get some of the money).
Now I'm just with Mom and Phoebe. We're on a trip together, and Phoebe's acting very angry against Mom and I. We're at the bank of a wide, shallow river. There's a road through the woods on this side of the river, and I realize it goes right up to where Granddaddy lives. I tell Mom that his house is up there, which she finds interesting. She wants to cross the river to sit on the other side of it. She runs through the water. I follow her, and the water feels really cold, but I continue anyway. Phoebe is behind me, sulking and complaining. I feel like she's lumping Mom & I together, being angry at both of us. Sure, she can be mad at Mom, but why me? I feel caught between them in their fight, and consequently I'm losing touch with Phoebe. She now refuses to be friends with me. When we get to the other side of the river, Mom has spread out some food for a picnic on the bank.

NEXT, I'm with Nooshi, Noli and others. We're playing with stick figures. There's a trick to getting them in the right position to move forward in the race/journey, over the rolling hills. "MB" is the code for it.

NEXT, I'm at a restaurant, sitting at a table. I have a tall thick piece of apple pie in front of me. The male on my right is eating a big square piece of pear pie. Mom and Phoebe are on my left, and they're splitting a potato/egg pie that has layers of scalloped potatoes and fried eggs. I see Mom soak up the runny yellow yolk with a round wedge of potato. I want to taste the other pies.

NEXT, I go to The Peerless Hotel on 4th St. to see Jeanna who is working there. The front room looks different because they've moved the front desk to the back room. Nobody's in front, so I wander back to the back lobby area. I see the desk there. There's also a huge table with many, many fancy chocolate desserts (tortes, mousse, truffles, etc.) laid out for the guests. There are many rich-looking touristy guests here, mingling together like a cocktail party. I see Jeanna. She has long hair, bright red lipstick and a beautiful white dress. She's now in an important manager position and is overseeing this dessert affair. We are excited to see each other.
Crissy is also there. She asks me what I'm doing this summer. I tell her I'm working at OSF, ushering. I tell her it's nice because I get to "watch plays and meet people from all over the world". I feel kind of guilty for not working here at Peerless anymore, so I then tell Crissy that I'd be happy to be a backup worker for the hotel. In case she ever needs someone to fill in for someone, she could call me.
I go look at the backyard, which is now so expansive it runs into John's backyard. There are water fountains and pools. Some of the pools have inflatable, dark-green plastic chairs floating in them. There are lots of guests out here. Jeanna tells me that the guests can choose you (if you work here -- meaning her and other Peerless employees) to be their servant. You have to do whatever they want you to do, and in exchange they give you big tips. I stand there wondering what they make you do...? Does it get sexual?


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