Dreams: July 15

I'm back at school in the Sharples dining hall for dinner. I'm going through the food line, scooping various dishes on my plate. I put creamy garlic noodles on my plate, and then some strawberry blintzes. I also help myself to a couple ginger blintzes. I look down at my plate and see that it's full of fattening low-quality food with a sick combination of flavors. I start to feel nauseated and lose my appetite.

NEXT, I'm with a group of people going to see a birthday present someone has set up. It's a HUGE chocolate cake, in the form of a castle with towers. It's the size of a small house, and the outside is iced with bright pink frosting. We go through the drawbridge entrance and step into the cake. Some people have already eaten a lot of the inside, and now there's a big open space inside. The interior walls are chocolate cake with layers of rich brown frosting. There is still a lot of cake left, and we are told that we can help ourselves to it. I walk through to a section of the castle that still has a ton of cake left. Someone is there cutting pieces for people. I point out a slice I want, and he cuts it for me. It looks big (the size of a couple bricks). As I look closer I see that part of my piece isn't chocolate (it's white), although the top layer looks like it. With my hands I scoop up a couple of handfuls of chocolate frosting to put on my cake. Then the birthday girl (either Phoebe or Oprah Winfrey) comes to see the castle and is happily surprised. I see a table with a cookie sheet on it. There are many little chocolate hippos on it.


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