Dreams: July 16

I'm in a room going through lots of old stuff. Someone tells me that Tillie Olsen (Kathie's Mom) died. I'm kind of in shock, and I realize that the things we are sorting through belong to her. There is clothing and furniture, and other people are here with me. I'm in front of a large mirror (one whole wall). There are clothes on the floor around me. I hold up a long, gauzy, light baby-blue dress/nightgown/slip. Someone tells me it belonged to Tillie and that she had a beautiful, healthy body. Suddenly Tillie is in front of me. She steps into the dress, and I'm watching her in the mirror. She's naked under the dress, which I can see because the fabric is so see-through. Her body is beautiful and youthful. It's radiant, with smooth tan skin.

NEXT, I'm sitting in the backyard of Mom's house with her and Lonnie (?), the guy who used to own our house. He's sitting on a lawn chair complaining loudly about the house -- like he wants to buy it or something. I'm sitting there for a while, and then I realize that he and I have never officially met. I stand up and introduce myself. He doesn't seem particularly interested but sticks out his hand anyway. We shake.


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