Dreams: July 14

the gynecologist

I'm in a gynecologist's office lobby in some other town with Phoebe and Mom. We're setting up an appointment for Phoebe, and the secretary/nurse is doing some preliminary tests on me. She cuts a slit on my ankle. It's bleeding, so I have to hold a rag over it to prevent the red blood from going everywhere. The sec./nurse names some gyn. docs that Phoebe can see today. They're all men, so I ask if Phoebe can see a woman doctor. The woman says "not today" because there's a month-long wait. Only men gynecologists are available here. This makes me very mad. I banter about how unfair this is and how I'd never live in this town. I see Phoebe outside on the grass, laying on her back. A male doctor is standing over her, holding a little mirror up to her crotch with his feet.


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