Dreams:April 26

telling a poem off the top of my head

I'm sitting in a room with a group of people. We're somehow self-divided into individual groups, although everyone's sitting together. Someone is leading a discussion, going around to each group, asking people to read poems they've written about each other. I see Justin Hall standing against the far wall. When the leader gets to us, we realize that no one has a poem written down. I decide to spontaneously tell a poem off the top of my head. Everyone is quiet, waiting for me to start. Jessica McFarland is sitting on a couch nearby. My poem is going to be about her. I start:
She's always in the present moment,
unobsessed with the past or future.
A wrinkle in her forehead
when she is in deep contemplation,
many thoughts racing through her mind..."
I tell more [but I can't remember it]. Jessica looks happy but self-conscious when I tell it.
Then everyone gets up to eat. A sort of potluck is going on. I am holding a plate, picking out the foods I want to eat. I already have a few pieces of cantaloupe and some raisins. I see a round lasagna-enchilada dish sitting on a table. A microwave is next to it. A woman stands behind the table. I ask her if I may have some of the yummy-looking dish. She says that it's for the group that brought it, "but some people are choosing extra subjects [food] that they didn't bring." I ask if she could save me a piece if any is left at the end. She says yes. I then see a long row of cereals. Next to that is a big cart full of many types of breads. I have pita filled with a juicy tomato substance. I'm hungry.


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