Dreams:April 8

logging cardinals with the family

I'm talking to Noli about at trip we want to take. She is describing it as we boat down a river, going underneath enormous, tall bridges. We both really want to go on this trip we're talking about. The family goes every year, but this year it would be too expensive. Noli and I are trying to devise some way to go.
Now we are inside, sitting in a room with Charley and Kathie. Charley's birthday is coming up. Nearby there are bags of groceries for dinner. I wink at Noli and say they'll have the groceries (thinking I'll go to Mom to ask for the money). Kathie says she dreamt of a cardinal. Charley pulls out the Cardinal Book: a blank book with an ongoing list of the cardinals that Kathie has dreamed about. I ask what a cardinal is. Charley, as he is logging the most recent (writing it in the book), tells me it is a man with a white beard and hair who wears a hat, a mountaineering type. It's funny, I think to myself, since that kind of fits his description. I look at Charley -- his kind face, his whole self -- and feel a strong wave of total respect and love. Kathie is now sitting to my left on a nearby couch. She has straight fine hair in a chin-length bob and is wearing very chic glasses.
Laurie is now here with us (although I don't see her -- I only feel her presence in the room). We're all talking about the cardinal jean skirt she lost recently. I'm folding laundry. We are writing a lost & found ad for the skirt, which seems to have considerable significance. As I fold the pile of clothes, I pull out a pillowcase; I pull it over an old pillow. Noli is on my left, stretched out on her back on the couch. Her back is arched up into a bridge. Her stomach has black and blue marks all over it, as well as red criss-cross scratches. "Owee," I say. At Noli's feet is an old computer, small and small-memory. I boot it up. Noli has a remote-control for it, which makes it sugar-free, she tells me. Normally it is small enough to get memory from the glucose energy of sugar.


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