Dreams:April 28

sitting on Cuba with my feet in the ocean

I'm sitting on the left-hand corner of a ledge, looking down on a big room full of people in rows below me. Noli is sitting on my right, and others are sitting to her right. We are part of the group below us; I can see them doing an exercise in which a big blackboard eraser (the size of a VCR cassette) is being tossed around. It is a game. Everyone has to start over if someone drops it, and you have to throw it to the person next to you. The goal is to get it around the whole group. I tell Noli to throw it toward the corner so I won't drop it. I look down and see that I could easily fall off the ledge/sill -- it's a high drop.
I have a book on my lap, open to show a spread of many photos. Each page has three pictures, each with an italicized caption. Many of the photos are from Cuba: men on the street and basic life there. Now the whole group exercise has changed; we are no longer tossing around the eraser, for now we are reading the photo captions. Most people have a book in front of them. Noli and I are looking at the book on my lap. Not all the photos are of Cuba, and I'm really hoping that I'll get to read a caption of a Cuban one. I peek down the ledge because my turn is getting close. I want to count down in my book to see which one I'll be reading. But then I get all mixed up with the pages and am on the wrong one when it's finally my turn.
Suddenly I'm in my old bedroom upstairs in John's house. I'm looking at videos on the shelves on the wall (the one facing Vivi's place).
Now I am a giant. The world looks like a large sphere under me, like a big 3-D map. I'm crawling, but only with my feet (no knees), and my stomach is facing upwards. My hands and feet are in the ocean. I'm freaked because I see tiny sharks swarming around me; they're the size of guppies. There are also little penny-sized jellyfish, all clear and poisonous. I also see lots of colorful fish, only specks in the water below me. I wonder if the sharks and jellyfish have enough poison in their little bodies to do me any harm. I don't want them to bite or sting me.
I'm sitting on Cuba. It comfortably fits my butt. I turn my head to see the portruding topography of the U.S. up north. We are very close (Cuba and the U.S., distance-wise). There is another chunk of land nearby, south of Cuba. Someone holds up a map for me. I can see that the land is actually another island, VERY large, called Zanzibar. It looks green and golden, its coast conforming to Cuba's, leaving only a thick line of ocean between them. I know that the U.S. has done all sorts of exploitive (oil?) deals along the coast of Zanzibar, right next to Cuba.


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