html> Maya's Dreams: November 28, 1999

dreams: November 28, 1999

I talk with Justin about future plans

I'm in the kitchen of the 3rd Street house with Justin Hall and his girlfriend, Amy. We are talking about future career issues. I have fears, but Justin is giving me reassuring advice. We are making dessert with ice cream.

drunk on an unfamiliar substance

I'm at an off-campus party, in a big open living room with a wooden floor. A certain group of Swatties are hosting this get-together (Lars and some of the Paces staff crew), and the mood is mellow. I'm sitting on the floor near a corner. H. is sitting there too. He offers me a drink. I think about how I don't drink. But I take it anyway. It's a clear glass half-full of a thick, dark, brownish-black liquid. I sip some. It has round beans in it; I chew and swallow them.

I try to stand up and walk, but I'm too tipsy. I am barely in control of my body. I wonder what it is that I just drank. I'm trying to write something down, but I don't have enough mental steadiness.

- FIN -

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