dreams: September 29, 1998

Vivi is exotic

I'm drinking a yummy drink: a sweetened mixture of coffee and black tea. I pour a glass of creamy whole milk into my drink. I'm in a cafe, sitting at a table with Vivi. She's telling me about a trip that she and Mike recently took to some Middle Eastern country. She says that people didn't realize they were tourists. I think to myself how true that must've been, and they'd fit right in since they both appear so exotic. She says people thought they were from Sh____ (some Middle Eastern place).

looking for city excitement

NEXT, I'm in a city at night, walking around by myself. I'm looking for an XXX shop/bar. I walk through a big open building; it's a cop quarters with uniformed officers all over the place.

am I an adult or a kid?

NEXT, I'm in a room with others. I see Jamaal Ryan. I look down and admire his pure face, which makes me happy. His hair is cut in a round bowlcut, black and shiny. We start talking. The topic of conversation is a movie/book which with we're both familiar; it's about the world coming to a time when all humans must revert to the simple ancient ways of living. We turn to survivalistic techniques of living because of a major crisis. I see images of a map and battles.
I sit down at a table with Noli, Malcolm, Melody, and Sheena. There are empty spaces where the adults will sit. They haven't arrived yet to join us. Noli has food on her plate. She begins eating. I say we should wait. But all the kids are eating and then getting up to take their plates somewhere else. I'm stuck in a dilemma: Should I stay to wait for the adults or go with the kids? Where do I belong? Adults or kids?

- FIN -

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