dreams: September 25, 1998

my future paths

I'm at school with a group of other students. Noli is with me. We're in line to do a required activity. A man is leading it; he's an author of new age self-help books.
The assignment is to tell him what we're going to be when we grow up -- our possible career paths. I'm stressed and nervous because I don't know what to give him. I look down and see that I have a bright yellow business card in front of me [the one hanging on Rachel & Austin's refrigerator that says "Human Development" from Costa Mesa]. The card says mediator, along with some other titles. It inspires me to do a brainstorm list. I write down my ideas on a white piece of paper:

  • nun
  • religious leader
  • writer/author
  • book publisher or editor
  • business owner (woman)

The "woman" (after business owner) is written not in letters but by the sign, which is in parenthesis. When I get to that point in my list, it suddenly becomes a list the possible people I'd want to be my mentors, as if I'd be trailing one of them as an intern.

When I finish my list, I am happy and relieved, totally trusting that I have enough great possibilities not to worry.

- FIN -

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