dreams: September 26, 1998

I catch an Alf

I'm in Rachel & Austin's house, in the living room with them and Zoe and Silas. The floor is covered in water, like we're in a lake or some big body of water. We are all fishing. The bait we're using is peanuts. I cast my line and it almost snags Austin or Rachel's foot; I apologize.
I catch a fish! It has a huge round eye on the side of its head, and a long slim body. Austin fries it up in a skillet on the stove [where the refrigerator is actually located]. I'm curious what kind of fish I caught, so I look it up in the dictionary: an "Alf." I know that's the name of this fish. Is it an eel, I wonder? No, it's definitely an Alf. (I think of that alien creature from the '80s sitcom named Alf.)
I look down at the fish in the frying pan. Its eye is huge. Austin asks me if we should chop off the head so we wouldn't have to eat it. No, I tell him he should just cut it all into little pieces, so no one can tell if they get a bite of the head.

- FIN -

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