dreams: October 30, 1998

picking out "Morning Glory"

I'm at a concert with lots of other people. The theater is dark, except for the lit stage. I'm standing right at the front edge of the stage (it comes up to my chest). I'm holding a box of my CDs, tapes and records. Holly Berman, Jacob Bornstein and Noli are next to me. They're telling me to pick out a song to give to the DJ so that we can all listen to it. Everyone's waiting for me, and no music is being played. Holly keeps telling me to find "Morning Glory" -- not any specific song, but a type of song, referring to how it will affect the energy of the crowd. I finally find a song; its name on the case is not in English but is depicted by pictures of little colorful farm animals.
Then the theater is empty. There's a big comfortable bed over to the side. Everything is dark, except the bed is softly illuminated. It has a maroon/plum colored bedspread. I'm lying on it with Miles. We're cuddling, gently embracing each other. It feels easy and comfortable. We're listening to a CD on a diskman (Wild Colonials?). He gets up to go get ready for bed (to brush his teeth, etc.).

the Boumans keep me grounded

NEXT, A group of people are sitting around in a living room. Noli, Laurie Hoye, Kathie Olsen, Sue Bouman, Marie (Ami), Silas, Phoebe and others are here. People are exchanging wrapped gifts. Sue or Marie gives me a package present; it's wrapped in exotic dark red paper. Others are also getting the same package. I open mine. The first thing I see is a little copper bowl with a stirrer-thing. It has green paste in it. I ask if it's a facial cream/mask. "No, it's to keep your chair grounded," someone says. I take a little pinch, roll it into a ball and put it on the round metal bottom of the wooden chair leg. Then I do the other leg too. When I set it back down, the chair doesn't slide -- it just sticks to the floor because the paste keeps it there.

- FIN -

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