dreams: October 29, 1998

lip pleasure

Cole Schnitzer and I are hanging out together. We're good friends. He leaves. A friend of his is with me. We just met for the first time. He's young and vibrant. He's not wearing a shirt; he has a lean, tan torso. We're walking somewhere outside together. We hold hands. I feel beautiful with him.
We have to part because I'm going somewhere. We stop and face each other to say goodbye. We hug. Then we briefly kiss, only lips-to-lips. I can feel a strong vibe between us. Without even saying anything, we feel a mutual attraction. We kiss again. Then again. Quick little shocks of pleasure. Teasing and fun. Then the next kiss is longer and slower; I open my lips, and he does too. I softly slide my tongue forward. The kiss lasts...

playing with a sensual fairy

NEXT, I'm straddling a young woman who's lying on her back. We're close. She's like a little doll, a fairy. She's petite. She has pale, soft, smooth skin that is almost translucent. Her face is delicate and very distinct. We're playing. She shifts her body, and we're now in a different position, with her legs wrapped around me. Her arms are stretched up over her head on the floor. I'm gently pinning them back. I'm touching and kissing her -- her torso, tummy, chest, neck, face -- nibbling her soft skin, enraptured with her. Her armpits are silky smooth, as if she is too young to have any hair yet. We have a true connection. It's playful and loving, totally real.
She sits up. We just look into each others' eyes. Her eyes are a golden-brown, both deep dark and sparkly light at the same time. They're small and seem to blend into the rest of her face as if we're underwater. It's difficult to maintain the stare; we're both having trouble just looking (her especially). I go back and forth from eye to eye because I can't do both at once. Then I try just looking right inbetween her eyes at the bridge of her nose. But then I'm not really looking into her eyes, it only seems like it. We want to keep the eye hold, but we can't.

- FIN -

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