dreams: October 28, 1998

bad karma from my cookies

I'm at Evergreen College, visiting Phoebe. I'm in the cafeteria. I see Linda (Valerie's mom -- lives down the street). She looks radiant, and her cheeks are rosy. We greet each other; I tell her she looks beautiful. She says I do too.
I stop at a little counter that is selling baked goods. I ask for a cookie or scone. The woman tells me that only registered students can order. Somehow she lets me make a purchase anyway. I ask for a chocolate chip kind, looking in my wallet to find the right change ($1). She gives me a raisin oatmeal cookie and a long chocolate chocolate chip cookie. I put my change on the counter and quickly leave, realizing it was a miscommunication. She thought I had ordered both and didn't see that I hadn't given her enough money.
All I could think about was KARMA. I knew it was bad karma, what I'd done. Stealing. It becomes a nagging thought. What should I do? I don't want bad karma. I just blow it off and start eating the delicious chocolate cookie.

- FIN -

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