dreams: November 4, 1998

"Maya" can't remember her lines

A line of young women are auditioning for a movie-performance-group-play-thing. They're all dancing together and saying their designated lines at various points. I'm standing, watching from the audience's perspective. Denise Tenorio steps forward to give her line, but she can't remember it. She's really struggling, and I can tell she really wants to be in the group. The main director woman is on my left; she gives a little hint to Denise (whose name is now "Maya"), but it doesn't help. If someone doesn't remember a line, they're immediately rejected.
The woman gives up on "Maya" after another hint or two. She hands me the script, walking away. I explain to someone next to me that "Maya" is really Denise. Then I see that she was given the wrong script in the beginning, so it wasn't her fault that she couldn't memorize it correctly.
Then the whole audition is over. We're all in a big studio room. I'm tired. I go over to the director woman to get paid for my work. She hands me a one dollar bill. I look at it and say "One dollar?!" She nods. I look at my watch and see that it's about midnight. Long day, little pay. I accept it.
I look over and see River/Michael in the middle of the room sitting with some other folks. John is there too. They're eating pizza. I go talk to River, happy to see him. He shows me his Web page. It has advertisements for things he's selling (something made of wood).

Ginger is pregnant

NEXT, I'm in a kitchen with Mom and Phoebe. We're making egg omelets.
Then I'm standing at the top landing of the stairs at John's house. Mark and Ginger are standing with me. Ginger's belly is big, and she tells me that she's six months pregnant. They're both excited.

- FIN -

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