dreams: November 6, 1998

Phoebe's changing styles

Phoebe has her hair back in a ponytail. It's shorter than last time I saw her, and it looks highlighted, with many streaks of golden blonde. We're standing in the living room of John's house. I comment on her hair, pointing out that it looks different. She takes it out of the rubber band, and suddenly it's totally curly, a mass of tight ringlets. It's now dark brown. It's shorter on the top and sides than in back. (It kind of looks like Weird Al Yankovic.)

Silas and Marie's unusual wedding ceremony

NEXT, I'm in a big open room filled with people. We are all waiting. Then the moment finally arrives: Silas walks into the room, through the big door in the open area in front. Everyone is facing him. He has full, big, bushy, curly hair. He walks across the front of the room to the other side. He's dressed up. Now he's wearing a beige hat. He's strong, tall and handsome. I'm admiring his beauty and quiet force. I realize he is the groom. This is his wedding ceremony.
He's now standing still, waiting for his bride. A big door opens up on the side wall. (It seems like we're now in a clean, open converted barn.) Outside, Marie is approaching, walking towards the building by herself. She's dressed in a very simple tan/beige dress, her hair down. She looks beautiful. She seems to be walking through a meadow. Finally she gets to the door and walks in. I see that she's holding the hem of her dress up above her waist, and she's wearing no underwear. I can see her light brown pubic hair. She stops and stands a few feet in front of Silas, facing him. Suddenly she starts peeing on his feet. Her flow of urine is strong, spouting forward onto Silas. Marie's hips are thrust forward, and she has a penis-like body part. It is thin and strange-looking, with heavy balls underneath. It's all part of her vulva, although it hangs/stretches out forward where a penis would be on a man. It reminds me of a clam's tenticle. It seems to be part of her clitoris. I'm rather disgusted and fascinated all at once. Somehow I remember that Silas had peed on her feet right before she did. It's all part of a traditional wedding ceremony.
When Marie is done, a big rocking party atmosphere bursts out. Everyone is dancing, singing, cheering and whistling. Colorful balloons are spilling everywhere from the ceiling.

- FIN -

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